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Job Listings
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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
Principal - Hernandez Elementary11/07/2018AdministrativeHernandez ElementaryApply
Office Manager - Velarde (must pass the secretarial exams)11/05/2018ClassifiedVelarde ElementaryApply
Custodian - San Juan10/31/2018ClassifiedSan Juan ElementaryApply
School Psychologist - District10/25/2018CertifiedDistrict WideApply
Teach - Culinary Arts /High School10/24/2018CertifiedEspanola Valley High SchoolApply
Coach -Basketball C Team Boys/EVHS10/24/2018CoachingEspanola Valley High SchoolApply
Coach -Basketball Assistant Boys Varsity/EVHS10/24/2018CoachingEspanola Valley High SchoolApply
Coach -Wrestling Assistant/EVHS10/24/2018CoachingEspanola Valley High SchoolApply
Athletic Coordinator - Carlos F. Vigil Middle School10/19/2018AdministrativeCarlos F Vigil Middle SchoolApply
Coach -Wrestling Assistant/CFVMS10/18/2018CoachingCarlos F Vigil Middle SchoolApply
Coach -Wrestling Head/CFVMS10/18/2018CoachingCarlos F Vigil Middle SchoolApply
Teach - Kindergarten/Eutimio T. Salazar10/17/2018CertifiedETS/Fairview ElementaryApply
Teach - Math/Carlos F. Vigil Middle School10/17/2018CertifiedCarlos F Vigil Middle SchoolApply
Educational Assistant - San Juan10/09/2018ClassifiedSan Juan ElementaryApply
Teach - 5th grade/Tony E. Quintana10/07/2018CertifiedTony E. Quintana ElementaryApply
Cook/Tony E. Quintana10/07/2018ClassifiedTony E. Quintana ElementaryApply
Teach - Music Elementary/District Wide09/28/2018CertifiedDistrict WideApply
Custodian - Espanola Valley High School09/28/2018ClassifiedEspanola Valley High SchoolApply
Security Officer/High School09/28/2018ClassifiedEspanola Valley High SchoolApply
Teacher/Trainer - Health/Espanola Valley High School09/24/2018CertifiedEspanola Valley High SchoolApply
Teach - Science/Espanola Valley High School09/24/2018CertifiedEspanola Valley High SchoolApply
Bus Activity Driver08/30/2018ClassifiedDistrict WideApply
Coach -Tennis Assistant Girls Coach/Espanola Valley High School08/30/2018CoachingEspanola Valley High SchoolApply
Coach -Tennis Assistant Boys Coach/Espanola Valley High School08/30/2018CoachingEspanola Valley High SchoolApply
Nurse - District08/30/2018CertifiedDistrict WideApply
Educational Assistant - Eutimio T. Salazar08/17/2018ClassifiedETS/Fairview ElementaryApply
Educational Assistant - Title I/Hernandez/Chimayo08/17/2018ClassifiedHernandez ElementaryApply
Teach - Math/Espanola Valley High School08/07/2018CertifiedEspanola Valley High SchoolApply
Mentor (hourly) Substitutes08/06/2018CertifiedDistrict WideApply
Maintenance Worker/District08/06/2018ClassifiedCentral OfficeApply
Teach - Health/High School08/01/2018CertifiedEspanola Valley High SchoolApply
Teach - 1st - 3rd grade/Alcalde08/01/2018CertifiedAlcalde ElementaryApply
Teach - Business Education /High School07/19/2018CertifiedEspanola Valley High SchoolApply
Counselor - Abiquiu/Hernandez/Los Ninos07/12/2018CertifiedAbiquiu ElementaryApply
Teach - 6th grade/Eutimio T. Salazar07/12/2018CertifiedETS/Fairview ElementaryApply
Teach - Physical Education/Alcalde/Chimayo (1 position)07/12/2018CertifiedAlcalde ElementaryApply
Teach - 4th - 6th grade/Alcalde06/08/2018CertifiedAlcalde ElementaryApply
Counselor /Espanola Valley High School06/05/2018CertifiedEspanola Valley High SchoolApply
Coach -Basketball Girls Assistant Coach/Espanola Valley High School05/28/2018CoachingEspanola Valley High SchoolApply
Audiologist - District Wide05/18/2018CertifiedDistrict WideApply
Physcial Therapist Assistant- District Wide05/18/2018CertifiedDistrict WideApply
Occupational Therapist - District Wide05/18/2018CertifiedCentral OfficeApply
Teach - AJROTC/Espanola Valley High School05/18/2018CertifiedEspanola Valley High SchoolApply
Cook/Hernandez05/18/2018ClassifiedHernandez ElementaryApply
Social Worker/District wide05/15/2018CertifiedDistrict WideApply
Speech Language Pathologist05/15/2018CertifiedDistrict WideApply
Teach - Spanish/High School05/15/2018CertifiedEspanola Valley High SchoolApply
Cook/Carlos F Vigil Middle School05/15/2018ClassifiedCarlos F Vigil Middle SchoolApply
Teach - Title I/Alcalde05/15/2018CertifiedAlcalde ElementaryApply
Substitute - Security Officer05/15/2018SubstituteDistrict WideApply