1. High School graduate or satisfactory completion of the general education development (GED) test or technical training and prior related experience.
  2. Must have acquired competencies to include: typing at a rate of 45 w.p.m. at a high level of accuracy, preferably with word processor and/or computer knowledge in office procedures, filing, understanding of basic bookkeeping and accounting.
  3. Other qualifications determined to be necessary by the Principal.


REPORTS TO: School Principal and/or authorized designee-immediate Supervisor(s).


SUPERVISES: Assigned student office assistants.


JOB GOAL: To assure the smooth and efficient operation of the school office so that the office’s maximum positive impact on the education of children can be realized.



  1. Assist and act in a confidential capacity with respect to a person who determines effectuates management procedures and school board policies.


  1. Perform the usual office routines and practices associated with a busy yet productive and smoothly run office to include but not limited to, Creating and Updating Forms, coverage of front desk as needed, Inventory of Materials and Supplies, Requisitions and Purchase orders.


  1. Prepare, submit and verify all required reports and forms in a timely manner.


  1. Maintain other student records, office correspondence, and other pertinent data as required and accounts for documentation.


  1. Collect, receipt and direct all money transactions   and maintain running balance on the various accounts to include activity and cafeteria.  In additions, all monies must be submitted to Central Office within twenty-four (24) hours or earlier.


  1. Responsible for all cafeteria reports, reconciliation, student applications, meal accountability, school lunch applications, edit check, meal count and consolidated form, etc.
  2. Assist in processing all changes and adjustments in student schedules as directed by the Principal.


  1. Maintain check-in and check-out attendance logs and prepare and submit payroll certification for all employees. Distribution of payroll to employees.


  1. Assist teachers in preparing or ordering instructional materials or supplies as approved by the Principal.


  1. Input and facilitates the updating of education programs information and other student based data (student data, staff, personnel information, etc.) through the S.T.A.R.S. Program/school master/visions, as applicable.


  1. Maintain Staff Personnel Files and Leave Forms.


  1. Submit, Track and Follow-up Technology & Maintenance Workorders.


  1. Manage and Update Website.


  1. Cover for nurse when absent.


  1. Collect and Submit to Maintenance Department all Custodial Orders.


  1. Perform other assigned tasks required by the Supervisor(s)



SALARY: Salary to be established on an annual basis, through the adoption of the salary schedules.


EVALUATION: Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the adopted board policies.