Title: Maintenance Technician - Plumber



Work Unit/Location:


Reports to:  Facilities and Maintenance Manager/Director


Supervises: N/A

Contract Length:

260 days

Pay Schedule:

Journeyman Plumber  or Maintenance Salary Schedule


Overtime Status:




7:30 a.m. – 4:30 a.m.     


Union Status:


Licensure: N/A



General Job Function

Efficiently undertake a variety of plumbing tasks ranging from fixing leakages to installing pipes and HVAC systems.  Must be a patient individual with a practical mind and manual dexterity, able to work efficiently with great attention to detail.  The goal is to install and maintain well-functioning systems that transport water, waste, gases or hot liquids.  



Knowledge/Skills and Abilities:



Resources Used in Performing Job Include (but are not limited to): 

Work is normally performed at various sites both outside and inside throughout the District, as well as, in typical interior/office work environment. Some potential exists for exposure to hazards or physical risks, which require following basic safety precautions. Extensive travel within the district will be required.


Physical/Cognitive Requirements:

Moderate physical activity.  Requires handling of average-weight objects up to 35 pounds or standing and/or walking for more than four (4) hours per day.


Environmental Conditions

Work involves moderate exposure to unusual elements, such as extreme temperatures, dirt, dust, fumes, smoke, unpleasant odors, and/or loud noises.


Essential Job Functions:

1.      Position is responsible for maintaining all plumbing systems District wide2.      Participates in and oversees the work of other maintenance workers in the installation, repair, overhaul and maintenance of plumbing systems: building and equipment maintenance.3.      Coordinates maintenance and operation of plumbing systems with contractors and installers.

  1. Reading blueprints and drawings to understand or plan the layout of plumbing, waste disposal and water supply systems
  2. Cutting, assembling and installing pipes and tubes with attention to existing infrastructure (e.g.  Electrical wiring)
  3. Installing and maintaining water supply systems
  4. Locate and repair issues with water supply lines (e.g. leaks)
  5. Repair and replace broken drainage lines, clogged drains, faucets, etc.
  6. Repair domestic appliances (e.g. washing machines) and fixtures (e.g. sinks) etc.
  7. Install and maintain gas and liquid heating systems (air-conditioning units, radiators, etc.)
  8. Install waste disposal and sanitary systems with well-functioning DWV systems

12.  Other duties as assigned by Supervisor


Personal Accountability:

  1. Demonstrates reliability as evidenced by attendance records and punctuality.
  2. Properly notifies supervisor and/or designee of absences or tardiness.
  3. Begins and completes work within the allotted time.
  4. Consistently appears in attire appropriate to the work environment.
  5. Demonstrates skill in the use of equipment including its capabilities, limitations and appropriate/special application,
  6. Protects the District’s resources through appropriate and careful use of supplies and equipment.
  7. Utilizes appropriate body mechanics to aid in the prevention of muscle strain/injury.


EMPLOYMENT:       Upon an offer of employment, pass a pre-employment drug test and comply with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1968, pass a background check and provide necessary documentation qualifications.